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Dr John Di Saia, an orange county california plastic surgeon

Dr Di Saia - Patient Testimonials & Reviews

A short previous patient testimonial video by a nice young lady for whom I revised a breast implant result:

A few "thank you" cards and e-mail:

"Dr. D!!! They are still so awesome! They aren't hard or sagging, almost 16 years later. Unbelievable! They look great and feel like a part of my body. You are the best and you can tell everyone I think so!!"
-G: Los Angeles, Ca. - Breast augmentation patient 2013

"Wow, I can't even believe how good it came out! Best thing I've ever done. Thank you so much!"
-J: Irvine, Ca. - Reduction Labiaplasty patient 2008

"Best surgery I've ever had done! I'm so comfortable and never have to "adjust" when pulling on my panties. Thanks again for such an excellent job!"
-C: Reno, Nv. - Reduction Labiaplasty patient 2007

"Wow - It has been a decade! My surgery was May 22, 1997 I think. That's amazing. I told my husband just the other night that 'they' are still doing good and that some people have to have theirs replaced after a few years. See how good you are?!"
-G: Los Angeles, Ca. - Breast augmentation patient 2007

"[T]he work you have done for my confidence is more than words could say. You have been a god send for me."
-T: San Clemente, Ca. - Tummy Tuck & Breast augmentation patient 2006

"Well, it's now been a few weeks past my one year anniversary for my breast augmentation. All is well, and I'm very happy with my results, as is my husband. They look great, and my scars are barely noticable. Just thought I'd check in with you to let you know that. You did a wonderful job!"
-W: Corona, Ca. - Breast lift & Breast augmentation patient 2005

"I love my tummy tuck and for the first time ever I like looking at my belly button. I am so grateful that I met you and that your skill level is so high. Many thanks...words cannot express how good I feel and look."
-P: Washington State - Tummy Tuck patient 2005

A Two Time Dr Di Saia patient
-J: - Breast lift & Breast augmentation patient 2001; Tummy Tuck 2004

"Thank you for being such a great doctor & humanitarian."
-M: Orange Ca. - Breast reconstruction patient 2002

"Thank you for your generous time and for giving me some realistic options."
-L: Laguna Woods Ca. - Cosmetic patient - 2002

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your patience & special attention. I am lucky to have such a great doctor."
-K: Newport Beach Ca. - Liposuction patient - 2001

"Thank you so very much for all the support and care."
-B: Orange Ca. - Breast reconstruction patient - 2001

"Just can't thank you enough!"
-T: San Clemente, Ca. - Burn reconstruction patient - 2001

"Thank you for yor professional care and wonderful concern for me over these past many weeks."
-T: San Clemente, Ca. - Breast reconstruction patient - 2000

"I wanted to thank you so much for my new boobs! I love them!"
-E: Tustin Ca. - Cosmetic breast surgery patient - 1997


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