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Liposuction is the "Thinner" operation, a reliable way to reduce fatty tissue in nagging spots that do not respond well to diet and exercise. If fat is a significant part of the problem, liposuction may very well be part of the solution for you.

Dr Di Saia specializes in Breast & Body Contouring of which liposuction is a part. He is your Orange County Liposuction surgeon but more than that: his private practice offers more direct Doctor: Patient contact than any other locally. He is the only surgeon in this practice and personally performs all the surgery. You see him personally at every consult, every operation, and every follow-up. He aims to guide you in choosing your best procedure and will not misguide you in order to profit.

When thinking liposuction remember: "The best and worst thing about liposuction is that it is simple." If you are looking to be "Tighter" and not just "Thinner," have you read about Dr D's Tummy Tuck?

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