Dr Di Saia's Patients

Ladies, let not your heart be troubled. Breast augmentation (like most other types of cosmetic breast surgery) is very "do-able." Here is a happy "Dr D" patient 2 weeks following her breast augmentation:

Breast Augmentation Orange County California Image 2 Weeks After

Dr Di Saia would like to make it easy for patients to obtain the information they need to decide upon cosmetic or maybe "After Cancer" breast surgery. As you will see from the menu at the right, there is no one operation for every woman. Breast surgery is very different for different ladies.

Some women want larger breasts. Others want smaller. Yet others would like them put back where they were in years gone by. Still others just want their breast cancer behind them. They want their breasts back.

Dr Di Saia's private practice offers more direct Doctor: Patient contact than any other locally without Newport Beach hype, pressure or Bull. He is the only surgeon in this practice and personally performs all the surgery. You see him personally at every consult, every operation, and every follow-up.

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