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Labiaplasty - "Vaginal Lip Reduction" - Clitoral Hood Reduction


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"Some of you are undoubtedly thinking: 'What The Devil Is A Labiaplasty?'
After first performing this operation for a young lady in 1999,
I was originally not going to place this information online.
The patient was very happy afterwards, so more than ten years later here we are."


Why Women Consider Vaginal Lip Reduction Surgery

To many women with less fullness "down there" this operation seems silly. But for the women with larger or irregular vaginal lips, it is a much different story. Believe it or not, enlarged vaginal lips can be associated with a number of issues including:

  • Embarrassment with Sexual Partners
  • Discomfort in Tight Clothing or Underwear (particularly workout gear)
  • Functional Difficulty During Intercourse (when they are quite large)

"Labiaplasty" is a pretty generic term referring to any operation that changes the Labia. Dr Di Saia performs mostly vaginal lip reductions specifically to correct the above problems. Health insurance does not cover it when the operating surgeon is a plastic surgeon. Our operations are cosmetic in design although they alleviate the symptoms that some women have. Patients desiring insurance coverage are probably better off having their surgery performed by a gynecologist. A few of our patients have tried obtaining re-imbursement from their health insurance companies, but the office will not bill a health insurance company for a case of this sort.

The operation is not as simple as trimming off the vaginal lips when performed with aesthetics and even later function in mind. The manner of the removal, closure and re-positioning (if needed) are each unique for each patient.

Many procedures are performed in an outpatient facility either under anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia. Issues of discretion have led us to also offering a limited version of the operation to some clients. Limited labiaplasty is performed under local anesthesia in the office and has been quite popular lately. The exact operation is tailored to the patient's specific problem and desires within reason. The doctor's preferred technique involves the removal of tissues from the sides and central portion of the labia. This leaves the edge of the structure looking untouched, while allowing reduction of the offending portion. It is the best technique to limit post-operative pain and sensory loss. The alternative procedures for a given woman's preference are discussed at consultation. Ladies are quite variable with regards to their desires and the lips themselves vary a great deal. Dr D does not operate on the clitoris. We want sensation to be preserved. Reduction in the size of the vaginal lips and occasionally reduction of the clitoral hood (around the clitoris) are possible and our patients have done well with this.

The groin area swells quite a bit after surgery but this improves over the first few weeks. Most of the sutures dissolve. Sometimes a few must be removed later. Patients abstain from intercourse for 3-6 weeks. These operations differ in extent and so too does the recovery phase.

For The Potential Labiaplasty Patient

Most of our consultations come straight from the Internet. We are charging clients for consultation a nominal $35 fee. Dr D is virtually never able to perform surgery on the day of consultation, but accommodations can be made for women traveling from a distance within limitations and subject to fees. On the day of surgery, the patient will need someone to drive her home if anything more than just local anesthesia is involved. We have done quite a few of these cases under straight local and can determine the potential for this choice at consultation. This can allow the utmost in discretion which we are aware is a major goal for many of you.

Why Dr Di Saia For Your Labiaplasty?

Patients interested in an experienced labiaplasty surgeon with over ten years experience in this operation should consider Dr Di Saia. Safe labia surgery has been our experience and we would like to share that with you.:) Our small office offers a particularly discreet setting for work of this type. As mentioned above, patients looking to have health insurance cover this might be better served with a gynecologist. Our operations are cosmetic by design. Insurance tends to deny cosmetic surgery.

A Few Examples [Before's Shown]:

Vaginal Lip Reduction Before - Click for After
Vaginal Lip Reduction Before - Click for After
Vaginal Lip Reduction Before - Click for After
Vaginal Lip Reduction Before - Click for After
One Sided Vaginal Lip Reduction Before - Click for After

[All images shown with permission. Many more are available for review at consultation.]



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