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Coming To Orange County California for Labiaplasty?


The number of ladies coming from out of town to have this operation has been surprising. Below is some information for those that might be figuring out how this might work out for you.


Labiaplasty Expense

The operation runs around $4000-5000 for vaginal lip reduction surgery under general anesthesia. It is less expensive for limited labiaplasty performed in the office under local alone. Sedation is not given in office labiaplasty for safety reasons. Our local procedure has surprisingly become more popular than the surgery center version in the last few years.

Some patients have their operations performed in a local surgicenter with a short anesthetic provided by an anesthesiologist. Limited labiaplasty is performed in the office as scheduling permits. We can see patients on one day and operate on the next in many cases for patients coming from out of town given adequate notice. We take cashier's checks, cash or VISA/Mastercard as payment for surgery. The surgicenter and anesthesiologist have their own rules on payment.

How Long Do I Need To Stay Local & How Are The First Few Days?

We prefer that you stay at least a few days. Most women stay in local hotels. We have corporate rates at a one or two local inns that we can offer. The sutures dissolve, but once in a while need to be removed later in spots. The main reason for the stay locally is to allow the doctor to check your wound for bleeding or bruising and to assess healing. The occasional patient requires an extra suture. The doctor proscribes antibiotics and pain medication for the first week.

The groin area swells quite a bit after surgery, but this improves over the first few weeks. Patients abstain from intercourse for an average of 5-6 weeks. Travelling distance can make post operative care by Dr D less than practical which is a compromise. It is best to have a local doctor to whom you can return if problems arise. Sometimes discussing this with your local gynecologist beforehand is best. Just in case.

Medication Issues

Patients must stop most over the counter headache / cold / pain medications for a week prior to surgery to limit the chance of bleeding. These include Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Naproxen, Anaprox, and Aleve. Tylenol or acetaminophen can be used without increasing the risk of bleeding. Similarly, as many herbal food supplements can increase bleeding it is prudent to stop these at week or so prior to surgery as well.

Labiaplasty Age

Some have asked how old a woman has to be to have this surgery. In our office, the standard age is 18 or older. We consider other cases individually.

How Do I Schedule A Consultation or Get More Information?

Call Lisa at (949) 369-5932.



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