Before One Sided Reduction Labiaplasty
Before Surgery

Reduction Labiaplasty:

One-sided Wedge Technique
One Sided Labiaplasty After 6 Weeks
6 Weeks
This young woman came to consultation with a great deal of difference between her vaginal lips. Her left side had been much larger than her right for years and this was a source of embarrassment for her. She also had some erotic sensation along the crease of this larger lip and wished this area preserved. A one sided modified wedge reduction was performed in the office under local (limited labiaplasty.) At six weeks she was pleased with the improvement. Limited labiaplasty does allow improvement but does not allow as much "evenness" to be created relative to when the operation is performed on both sides under a more complete anesthetic. In her case with the extra "sensory tissue," this procedure allowed the best balance of sensory preservation with improved symmetry.

  • Before: Larger Left Vaginal Lip
  • After: Improved Symmetry
  • Operative Design: A one-sided modified wedge reduction was performed on the left side only carefully preserving the enhanced crease area near the clitoris under local anesthesia in the office procedure room.

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