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A Liposuction Simulation

Thigh liposuction simulation before

This image is computer-retouched to show a frequently encountered fatty deformity of the hips and thighs. This is not an actual patient. The deformity above however is one of the most reliably treated by liposuction. The hips and lateral thighs are areas that are quite amenable to liposuction. The simulation here is presented to illustrate several points.

Thigh liposuction simulation marked before

Here we see the areas of the fat to be addressed highlighted in red. Note that they are not symmetrical. Most people are not symmetrical. This might help explain why predicting how much fat to remove from each side is not always as easy as it looks. We are usually pretty close.

Thigh liposuction simulation marked after

Here would be a goal for the patient following surgery. How close we would come to this is impossible to tell. Computer simulations provide predictions and are helpful for both surgeon and patient. They do not however realistically detail outcomes. If they did, I would be the first to use them. I am not exactly computer-naive having written this web site as well as a few programs myself. Many people have difficulty understanding the inherent fallacy with computer modeling in this regard. Take into account that people heal differently. Patients bruise, swell and these changes take time to manifest (and ultimately resolve). Your result can take six months or more to show itself. This also depends upon the patient's ability to maintain their weight. Do not expect to look exactly like this (especially right after surgery). Hopefully, you will look nearly this good. Again, this fatty deformity is one that is quite amenable to liposuction. The medial thighs and knees are not nearly as straight-forward (nor as easy to predict regarding surgical outcomes).


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