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Preop Breast Lift with Implants - Dr Di Saia
Before Surgery

Full Breast Lift with Implants Example

7 Months After Breast Lift with Implants - Dr Di Saia
7 Months Following Surgery
In this case, our patient had a good deal of tuberous deformity and after having had several children, she also had pretty severe breast sag (clinical ptosis.) A full breast lift with the placement of breast implants (breast augmentation) was selected to improve these problems and give her breasts that would look good in a string top.

She is quite happy at 7 months with the improvement in volume as well as the new design of her breasts. She healed very well with little visible scarring.

Please Note: Dr D did not perform this patient's tummy tuck.


Before: She used to call her breasts her "Sad Droopy Sacks."
After: Now they "look like breasts again."
Operative Design: A Full Breast Lift was performed along with the placement of round smooth saline-filled implants. These were placed beneath the Pectoralis major muscle.  

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