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Before Full Breast Lift
Before Surgery

Full Breast Lift Example

Preop Breast Lift with Implants - Dr Di Saia
Closeup of Pre-operative Breasts
One Year After Breast Lift with Implants - Dr Di Saia
One Year Following Surgery
This young woman came to consultation looking to improve her breasts which she admitted were droopy after breast feeding two children. She also sought enlargement wanting to be somewhat like she had been before child bearing "but not huge." Looking at her pre-operative images, a breast lift is needed here. The "droop" is too severe for a modified lift, so a full lift was performed along with the placement of implants.

Her post-operative appearance at 1 year shows a nice improvement with improvement of symmetry of the breasts. Some of the pre-operative differences remain (as is usually the case). Her healing of the incisions around the areolae and to the base of the breast is with little scarring and the "under the breast" incisions are hidden by the natural lie of the breasts. These issues of course vary a bit with the patient as women heal variably after this operation.


Before: "Droopy" Breasts With Decreased Volume Following Breast Feeding. Asymmetry noted in the shape and degree of "droop." 
After: Improved Volume, Shape and Symmetry. 
Operative Design: A Full Breast Lift was performed along with the placement of two modest-sized round smooth saline-filled implants. These were placed beneath the Pectoralis major muscle.  

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