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"Bad" Porn Star Boob Jobs

It used to amaze me how frequently porn stars and dancers seem to have terrible results with breast implants. In my first job following my plastic surgery residency, I saw several porn starlets and continue to see dancers on an occasional basis. With this experience, I have come to understand a few reasons why this may be the case:


The Porn Star/Dancer
The Aesthetic Deformity
Potential Corrective Surgery

No 1

- Stage name Lexus
Porn Star Boob Job
This common appearance is that of a thin woman who has had implants placed in the Sub-glandular position or "Over the Muscle." In women with little breast tissue this often leads to a very obvious border between the implant and the surrounding chest tissues. The common term "bolt ons" may not be too far off from the mark here.  Improvement would require removal of her implants and replacement with implants placed in the Sub-muscular position or "Under The Muscle." A breast lift of some sort may be required to remove some of the excess "stretched out" skin resulting from the previous augmentation surgery. To get an optimal correction the use of a smaller implant may also be reasonable. A repair operation for an "Over the Muscle" client involved reduction of the implants, a modified lift and re-design of the pockets to put the implants under muscular coverage. A lift is not always required.

No 2

Porn Star Boob Job
Here is another woman with a similiar issue. Her implants however are much larger accentuating the "false" look. They seem to have descended as well giving the nipple a falsely high appearance. This descent is commonly more pronounced with Sub-glandular implants as with the Sub-muscular position, the muscle serves as an internal braseirre or sorts. This woman would also be a candidate for removal of implants and replacement with Sub-muscular implants. A lift here would almost certainly be required. This might be of the modified sort but more likely would be a full "Wise Pattern" mastopexy. 

No 3

- Stage name Anita
Corrected Porn Star
Porn Star Boob Job
This example is not included as an example of a "bad" outcome, but rather as an example of a woman who has had either a breast reduction or (more likely) a breast augmentation with a full breast lift. Faintly visible are scars under each breast as well as around each areola (pigmented area around the nipples) and a line between the nipple and the fold beneath the breast. Funny that this is the treatment many a dancer and porn starlet (with a bad outcome) needs and is unwilling to have. This woman seems to have had corrective surgery and looks pretty good. It is difficult to tell of course the quality of her outcome without looking at pre-operative images.

No 4

- Stage name Kaitlyn
Porn Star Boob Job
OK, back to poor outcomes. This young lady has the typical thin athletic torso with large implants placed. It also appears that there was a fair amount of pre-operative droop as it appears that her nipples are a bit low on the breast. This woman would also be a candidate for removal of implants and replacement with Sub-muscular implants. A breast lift here would be helpful to re-shape the envelope. Here is an example of such a repair operation  

No 5

- Stage name Brittany
Porn Star Boob Job
This young lady either has had the "O-So-Common" subglandular breast augmentation (yep, "Over the Muscle") or has had many operations or very large implants. Either way her chest tissues are thin providing little cover to the implants. The saline-filled implant ripples commonly and these ripples can be seen through thin soft tissue cover. In her case, we see at the cleavage over her right breast (seen on the left of the picture) three or four funny little "ripples." These appear and disappear dependent upon movement. In still photos, they are frequently airbrushed out. "Ripples" are really hard to completely correct. As this woman's appear in the cleavage, removal of her implants and placement in the submuscular position would be helpful (if they are not already submuscular.) A switch to silicone gel implants can also help reduce the rippling.  


NOTE: The images from which the discussion is created are those the surgeon feels have been augmented. Inferences are made and potential corrective surgery is suggested as a prediction based on digital image analysis alone. Patients with similar deformities seeking corrective surgery are advised to see a qualified Plastic Surgeon to determine what procedure might be best for them. Nipples and Areolae (of the first few images) were covered in an attempt to prevent confrontation with those at our previous server.


A pretty articulate advocate for adult entertainers (possibly an adult entertainer herself) e-mailed indicating that her friends in the adult business had a pretty simple reason for their choice in breast implants: money. Larger breasts meant more money and natural didn't have much to do with it. Bigger is better. These ladies do this accepting that when and if their implanted breasts go south, they will bear the brunt of their decisions and have more surgery. As long as they understand what they are entertaining (no pun intended,) then this is OK by me.



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