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Plastic Surgery For Wounds

I have mentioned before on my blog that I have what I consider to be a "hybrid" plastic surgery practice. I do the pretty stuff but I also operate in more serious and not-so-pretty cases. Some people find themselves wounded and some of these wounds just might not heal quickly or all that well without some plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons are not always so happy to share this aspect of their practices for a few reasons. Firstly, medically necessary plastic surgery really doesn't pay all that well. Secondly, many patients do not understand that reconstructive plastic surgeons can actually do very nice cosmetic work. Some surgeons worry that disclosing the fact that they do reconstruction may discourage the cosmetic business that really pays most of our bills. Remember the goals of reconstructive plastic surgery are primarily to obtain wound closure. We are not primarily seeking to make things pretty, but more often make them less ugly and encourage rapid and stable healing.

Facial Dog Bite Plastic Surgery

This woman was working with a dog as a groomer when the animal bit her lip severely. She came to the emergency department and they called Dr D. She was amongst the few honorable emergency patients I saw who despite having no health insurance actually paid her bill piecemeal over many months. Her result was excellent at 10 months post-operative.

dog bite plastic surgery before after

Soon to be added to this page: skin grafts and closure of prior failed surgical wounds. Stay tuned.

Can Dr D Help With my Wound?

Dr D still performs wound surgery, but has curtailed the practice in some ways. He no longer takes emergency room call [too many unpaid late nights!] so most of his wound surgery practice happens in the confines of the LTAC hospital system in Orange County. He consults upon and operates upon some patients in a few such hospitals within the Kindred system. Depending upon your exact problem and your insurance coverage if you are in one of these hospitals, he might just be able to help you. Coming to the office is another option for some.


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