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Moles and Lumps Removed By Plastic Surgery

Mole and Lipoma Plastic Surgery

Dr Di Saia's practice has two distinct parts: The Cosmetic and the Medically Necessary. Health insurance restricts/denies payments for surgery that they consider "cosmetic."

"I Have These Moles and Lumps That I Want Removed..."

Health insurance tends to deny payment for the removal of non-cancerous lumps and moles. If these things are cancerous, your insurance is more likely to cover their removal.

Patients wanting non-cancerous moles and lumps removed often can be handled in the office on a cash basis. If you are willing to be treated under local anesthesia in the office, we will remove non-cancerous growths at a minimum fee of $700. This is just the doctors fee and covers limited supplies as well. If you want the removed items sent for pathology, that is not included in this fee. Please call for a consultation to be examined in the office before the actual date of surgery.

If you have biopsy-proven skin cancer requiring removal, we can work with your insurer (as long as you are not an HMO patient.)

"What is a Lipoma anyway?"

A lipoma is a noncancerous fatty tumor usually found in the fatty layer under the skin. They grow slowly and are usually no more than a nuisance; that is unless they have been growing for a while. They appear as a kinda soft lump under the skin most often. As they grow, the displace and occupy the space of tissues around them (usually fat.) They can become quite large over the course of years. There is the other potential problem; namely that you can't be 100% sure that your "lump" is a just a lipoma until you remove it and send it to the pathologist. Some lumps are cancerous.

Does Dr Di Saia Take My Insurance? - Provider Status

At present, Dr Di Saia is a Medicare Provider. This means that the doctor accepts Medicare assignment. For the most part, we offer skin cancer treatment and breast cancer reconstruction to Medicare patients. The doctor can also bill PPO insurance for medically-necessary work.



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