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- One Of My Patients

It is said that "Pictures speak louder than words," so here are a few pictures and a few points. This lady was kind enough to consent to the placement of her images online for your edification. I performed her facelift (Classic Technique with additional SMAS suspension) several years ago. --- John Di Saia, M.D. 
Pre-operatively, this patient's examination displays several of the issues for which a facelift can be of assistance: 
  •  The loss of a fair amount of weight has left a moderate excess of facial skin accentuating her facial "wrinkles" (rhytids)
  • This excess is quite apparent in the neck in which several columns of skin and weakened muscle appear quite apparent along with a transverse excess.
  • Her facelift addressed this excess of skin also suspending her facial muscular envelope. A later operation addressed the eyelids (blepharoplasty). This could have been performed at the time of her facelift.
At 6 Months following surgery, the result shows improvement but also some of the limitations when so much skin and neck musculature is present pre-operatively. Although her neck is greatly improved, it is not completely flat. Her facial and neck wrinkles are improved, but not completely absent. Remember, that her eyelids (as well as her tracheostomy scar revision) occurred later than these photographs. She does appear "refreshed" however which was her wish pre-operatively.

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